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If you are a resident in the Bronx borough of New York City and in need of bail bond assistance than you have came to the right place!

Not everyone can afford to place bail for a loved one. It is crazy to expect someone to have $2,000 to $10,000 on-hand and ready to spend. This is when a bail bondsman comes into play.

As much as you would like to get your friend or family out of the confines of jail, you also don’t want to break the bank doing so!

Read the rest of this article to better understand the bail process as well as what to look for in a trust-worthy bail agent.

Fortunately, our company, Bronx Bail Bonds, has done the work for you and tracked down some of the most knowledgeable bond agents in Bronx New York.

These agents have proven to get your loved ones out of jail fast!


What Exactly is Bail?

When a person has been arrested, they are placed in temporary confinement until the trial date. However, to be released, the defendant and or a family member/friend must post a bail.

Basically, placing bail is like putting a security deposit on the agreement that you’ll return to court. You are telling the court, “Here is X amount of money to release me and if I don’t follow by your rules then you can keep the money”.

There are various options for release on bail that each person should know about before talking with a bronx bail bondsman.

This is most definitely a process most people will want to consider as the waiting time for trial can be months! Nobody wants to sit in a cold cell for months or at least until they are processed.

At the same time, you must make sure you abide by the courts rules because there are serious consequences for not doing so.

So What About Bail Bonds?

Most people can’t afford to place bail right away. These people resort to finding an affordable bail bondsman in their local neighborhood to cover the cost.

A bond company will place bail for defendant and take partial responsibility for the actions of the defendant after they have been released.

For their service, you will have to pay the agency a portion of the bail amount at the end of the bond term.

You will also be highly responsible for following all rules of not only the courts but the bail bond agency as well.

You take full responsibility of the defendant’s actions outside of jail as a co-signer. For this reason, it is important to trust that he/she will abide by the rules.


release from jailThe Process of Bailing Someone Out of Jail

The process is not too complicated but there are some details every person must know before they contact a bail agent.

The first question you may be asking is, “can I trust a bail firm?”.

The short answer is yes!

There are heavy regulations on these companies ensuring that they perform ethically and abide by the rules. There is more at stake for the agency itself than there is for you even.

Another big point to address is the fact that the firm will always keep any information you provide as confidential. They will also maintain an assumption of innocence for the defendant so that they have a completely unbiased trial.

The process begins by you contacting a bondsman in your location. He/she will discuss what is expected and all the rules of the transaction.

You will work with the agent to agree on a payment schedule and contract.

The firm will then present the bail contract to the courts as fast as possible. The judge will quickly review the contract and ask any additional questions they may have. The judge will then decide to either approve or disapprove the bond contract.

Yes, that’s right, the judge does have the right to disallow the bail bond process! This is why we connect you with bondsman in the bronx area as they know the preferences and biases of the local judges and will provide you with a higher chance of receiving aid.

However, don’t let this overly concern you as the judge will except the contract the majority of cases!

Now, that bond has been placed, both you and the bond agency have taken responsibility in seeing that your loved one abides by the rules set fourth by the court.

Take some time to think before signing a bail bond contract. Once the note has began its process it is nearly impossible to change the agreement or terminate it.


What Do You Pay?

You agree to pay a certain premium when you decide to sign a bail bond contract. This premium can range depending on your state and is also limited by state law.

For New York you can expect to pay anywhere between 6.2% and 10% the amount of bail. This covers the cost of placing the bail. However, there are other costs that may occur over the bail term that should be discussed with your agent before-hand.

It is also important to note that premiums for bail companies are non-negotiable since they are mandated by the state.

How Long Until Release?

Obviously, you want your loved one to be released from jail as soon as humanly possible. Good news is that most agencies do everything in their power to push your contract through the system fast.

The bondsman will present the court with the bond contract either the day it is signed or the next day depending on when the courts are open. The court times defer depending on the area but you can expect anywhere between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

If the courts are closed when you sign the contract you can expect the bondsman to submit it the next business day.

The courts will sign the contract and send them to the jail where your loved one is being held. The penitentiary will start the release process and you could have your loved one out of jail within 2-6 hours. Yet, some jails have a 24 hour processing policy that can effect the time of their release.

Upon release, it is then your responsibility to have the defendant report to the bondsman within 24 hours!


finding the right agent

Bronx Bail Agents

Getting in contact with the right bail agent isn’t always easy. We have gone through this process for you and will put you in contact with the best agents in the Bronx area!

Working with our agents will increase the chances of your loved one being released from jail!

We want to make sure that you know there are no guarantees! Any agency that tells you they can get a 100% release is either ignorant or dishonest.

Here are the characteristics of our partner bond agents in Bronx New York…

Our agents all are required to be licensed in New York state.

The bondsman we work with have had direct experience with Bronx clients. They also know the judicial preferences and biases in your particular borough.

Our services are extremely accessible! You want to make sure your bail agent is easy to get in touch with. In order to succeed with the bail process, you will need constant communication between you, the defendant, and the bond firm.

Our agencies are affordable. Although the premium cost is non-negotiable we treat each person’s financial situation as unique and provide multiple payment options.


Bronx Bail Bonds has worked tirelessly to make these connections for you to benefit from. Take advantage of our work! Contact us today for a free consultation with a top bailsman in Bronx New York.

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